BANNED for being too good. SEVERAL times!
Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
Game: COD MW3
Server: // BatteredBastardsCrouch
My Name: FUKU
Reason they banned me: Accused cheater.
I've added several players from that server but no one is accepting me so I could tell them to watch the gameplays to see that I DON'T HACK!
This literaly sucks since I've bought all the DLCs to play on this server -.-

So in case YOU are an ADMIN. Please add me and watch the gameplay. You will clearly see that all kills are explainable. Even the ones without sight(UAV).

Check my profile. In case you dont already know me from PROMOD you can clearly see that I'm an experienced player. I was in the AlPhA-Clan before and I've got a YouTube-Channel ( too with lots of gameplays and montages. Everything was recorded live. I don't have any other VAC banned accounts neither and no VAC on this account. I don't understand how many people can be so stupid.... 

Also i would like to ask for a "premium" status since this was the THIRD time I was banned!!!

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We don't know you.. we didn't ban you and your not in our ban file..

All players are the same .. there is no "premium" status.

You seem to be sprinting in the video at times. You probably were kicked because of it by other players.

Its a crouch server. like the name [BB]BatteredBastardsCrouch

You are in know position to demand. we pay for our servers .. you don't!

By the way we would have kicked you anyways for your name... Its offensive.. much like your appeal post.


You were temp banned from the MW3 by me for running, inappropriate name, using fowl language repeatedly IE: the N word. I was lenient.
I "banned" a player for a single use of the N word. No warning, just banned. Lotus was indeed lenient with you.
Thanks Guys..
first of all thanks for the replies.

i think you misunderstood me.

im currently "kicked" (temp banned) again.

yes you dont know me since i didnt play those dedicated servers (except promod).

there is NO video on youtube of me playing on BB servers. the only existing gameplays are in my online vault and i doubt that you have seen any of them.

furthermore which N word do you mean? 4 or 6 letters?

inappropriate name? You know that 1. my name comes from FUKUSHIMA 2. you guys are the first EVER to say something about my name 3. we are talking about an 18+ game. dont you think there is something more to worry about than kids associating a player name? and IF those kids are associating my name with something insulting dont you think the problem sits somewhere else!?

about my name: seriously EVERYBODY i have ever played with called me FUKU (even with the name FUKUSHIMA cause it was shorter - thats where the name comes from - and its spoken FUUUUKU. just like fukushima just without shima.

since you dont know me: I'm 23 years old and from germany. MW3 was my first cod. started in the beginning of 2012. ive got about 4500 hours on this game. played in a pro ESL clan named AlPhA (you might know them) and i was ALWAYS very courageous about the fight against cheaters which you can see on my profile and youtube channel. Many players of the current SND-community(softcore) are asking me if they wanna know if a player in the community hacks. and i am the one proving if people who try to integrate themselfs into the community are cheating if they play suspicious.

about behaviour on your servers: i try to defend myself i offer them to watch me and my gameplays since I AM NOT CHEATING. nothing works.

since im playing MW3 pretty often and in the last time only BB crouch server i wanna offer you to prevent cheaters from playing on your server :)

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we don't use the word "naggers" here because it reiminds us of our wives and girlfriends and that's not good when we are gaming Cool

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Your not welcome here FUKU. Racisim is not tolerated.. period.

If any of us see you on our server we will ban you on site.

Play somewhere else
could you guys PLEASE calm down i dont even understand your accusations

i NEVER said something racist. i would never think about that mate. you dont know me!!! I am not like that! you wouldnt think that if you had me on teamspeak =/

you could please let me DEFEND myself ?

i would really like to join you on teamspeak and explain everything! =(

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