BF1 weapon damage
This should explain some of the WTF moments where you shot him 3 times and he one shot you in the head.
You may be using the wrong gun for the encounter ha.

As you can see, most weapons are 3 to 5 shots to kill unless enemy already has low health.
Support class do 23 damage up to 20 meters then drops off. The chauchat best at 35

Medic weapons 38-42 at up to 30 meters with the RSC best at 53 up to 40 meters

Assault autos 23 at 10 meters and shotguns 8.4 with the Model 10-A slug 112!

Scout 100 damage from 80 to 120 meters with the Martini Henry 112! from 40 to 80 meters
there are a few duds in the scout class, maybe you are using one of them like the 1903 experimental.

Most pistols are at 53 damage close up with a few duds in there too.
This was helpful. Thanks, Duck!

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